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Ep. 129 Past Guest Status Check with Haley Moen

When we last talked to Haley, she was pushing full steam ahead on building the beautiful Hearthside Vineyard & Winery. She’s still going full steam ahead but has had to push through some major, heartbreaking setbacks. This episode isn’t the bright, shiny one she (or we!) was hoping for, but it’s better because it’s real and it shows how hard entrepreneurs work to get their dreams off the ground. Real life is rarely bright and shiny, but hard-won victories taste even sweeter—literally, in Haley’s case, since her hard-won victories will end with a beautiful, amazing winery. This episode is for anyone who is building dreams and overcoming obstacle after obstacle to make them happen. 

About Haley:

Haley Moen, from Oakes, North Dakota, is the owner of Hearthside, a startup vineyard and winery. As a fifth-generation farmer who holds a Master of Science in Plant Science, Haley is well-equipped to make Hearthside thrive. Hearthside Vineyard and Winery was born from the love Haley has for her home state and the desire to explore growing less-heard-of crops in North Dakota. Haley will be dedicated to producing authentic North Dakota wines that truly reflect the uniqueness of the area. She is excited to share their wine with the world and can’t wait for people to try the fruits of their labor.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What to do when a crisis hits

  • The value of working through knee-jerk reactions 

  • How to effectively outwork a “no” response when it should be a “yes.”

  • When “what doesn't kill you makes you stronger” is the dang truth

  • Why keeping clarity in the long game and the “why” is necessary to get through tough times

Links + Resources Mentioned:

Hearthside Vineyard and Winery:

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