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Ep. 118 Part 1: Audacious Value-Added Ag with Hearthside Vineyard and Winery

When Haley Moen was getting her master’s degree in plant science, she planned to continue on to get her doctorate—a dream she’d held since 10th grade. But she realized that would likely take her away from her beloved North Dakota, and that it might mean she would have to spend her time in a lab. As a farm kid who loves her roots the wide-open North Dakota spaces, that wasn’t what she wanted. She decided to embark upon a journey to build a vineyard and a winery in her hometown of Oakes, North Dakota, and this episode is about the whole process.

Instead of “Go big or go home,” she said “Go big AND go home,” and we’re so here for it.

About Haley:

Haley Moen, from Oakes, North Dakota, is the owner of Hearthside, a startup vineyard and winery. As a fifth-generation farmer who holds a Master of Science in Plant Science, Haley is well-equipped to make Hearthside thrive. Hearthside Vineyard and Winery was born from the love Haley has for her home state and the desire to explore growing less-heard-of crops in North Dakota. Haley will be dedicated to producing authentic North Dakota wines that truly reflect the uniqueness of the area. She is excited to share their wine with the world and can’t wait for people to try the fruits of their labor.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why it’s okay to change your mind

  • When “just start” isn’t the best advice

  • How to have a vision and hold it in the face of criticism or unbelief

  • Why community and a support network is so helpful for entrepreneurs

  • How to communicate the vision to those who can’t see it

Links + Resources Mentioned:

Hearthside Vineyard and Winery:

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