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Ep. 93 Ten Prompts to Help Your Prepare For 2022

Our host and fearless leader Rebecca is here to share a few prompts that she’s working through herself this week to prepare for a brand-new year. Each of these things could have an added lens of home versus work versus community involvement—you can add whatever context you want, but these prompts might be a little different than what you’ve used in the past.

Most of these questions are reflections from 2021, prompting you to consider what to either bring into 2022 or just leave in the dust of 2021! We will be sharing more about these on social, so listen on in and follow us as we work through each of these prompts!

Prompts to Reflect on 2021 and Prepare For 2022:

  • Who are the people that made a difference for you last year? Buy a box of thank-you notes and commit to sending them all by the first week of the year.

  • What were the times that made you feel the most yourself?

  • Who are your loved ones that you struggle to fully love this past year? What boundaries could be put in place to make you love them more freely?

  • What makes you laugh harder than anything else?

  • What do you love to do and who do you love to spend time with?

  • What triggered you in 2021—i.e. what made you feel defensive, offended, upset, etc.

  • What do you truly love about where you live?

  • Who did you give too much power to in 2021?

  • In what ways did you beautifully serve in 2021 and in what situations did you serve out of guilt?

  • What made you truly proud in 2021?

Links + Resources Mentioned:

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