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Ep. 90 - Starting a Family and Friend-Owned Coffee Company with Dakota Dirt Coffee

Today’s guests are two of the three founders of the locally owned Dakota Dirt Coffee in Milnor, ND. Landon and Wyatt Mund are also brothers so they join us to talk about how they(and their friend, Beau, who wasn’t able to join us for the episode) started a coffee roasting company alongside each working a full-time job in a town of just under 800 people. They share about their startup journey which is soon to boast a new physical roasting facility and event center.

About Dakota Dirt Coffee:

Dakota Dirt was founded by three friends who were sick of coffee that didn’t deliver. While other coffee companies claim to roast small-batch freshness, Dakota Dirt actually means it. We’ve made it our mission to guarantee great taste and fresh grounds with our small-batch, made-to-order process.

Being raised in small-town Milnor, North Dakota, we realize the value a strong, Midwest work ethic brings. When you try Dakota Dirt you will taste the difference. Wake up and start your day with us.

“Good From the Grounds Up"

In this episode, we cover:

  • A key question to ask yourself if you know you want to start a business, but you’re not sure what to start

  • What it means to “surprise and delight” customers as part of your brand

  • How to balance working with family and friends without letting it ruin your relationships

  • Why it’s now possible more than ever to start a business on the side without quitting your full-time job

  • Creative ways to get your product/idea into people’s hands when starting out

Links + Resources Mentioned:

Dakota Dirt Coffee Website:

Dakota Dirt Coffee on Facebook:

Dakota Dirt Coffee on Instragram:

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