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The Future is Bright—How Small Towns Can Benefit from the Power of AI

There are times when new things hit our radar here at GST and we get super excited.

Today is one of those days.

Our founder, Rebecca, just wrote a blog post about this thing that we're basically just pointing you towards.

Also, our good friend and partner, Patrick Kirby, at Do Good Better Consulting, also wrote about it this week.

The thing that's hit our radar is a new AI platform called ChatGPT.

Yes, AI stands for Artificial Intelligence.

And yes. AI can be scary. It can feel unnerving.

But rather than lean into the fear and uncertainty of it, both of our articles (which we'll link to below) offer a few positive spins, in particular, for those of us living and working in small towns.

Patrick is a fundraising and nonprofit guru. He wrote about the ways ChatGPT can serve nonprofits. In communities like ours, these are often the organizations making sure that key services are offered and that our quality of life is great. Small-town nonprofits matter. Click HERE to read it.

Rebecca took the angle of the ways that ChatGPT can benefit small businesses. Main Street businesses are the backbone of a small town's economy and it's not uncommon for these businesses to be a 1 or 2-person store. They, too, can absolutely benefit from this new technology. Click HERE to read her article.

Ultimately? We want you to consider this: AI is the great equalizer.

Small towns can benefit massively from choosing to embrace the technology that's on the frontier.

We'd love to hear what you think about this and if you see yourself using this tool to improve your work and life. We are excited to see what's on the horizon for us!


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