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Ep. 97 How Self-Development Creates Leaders in Small Towns

We hear a lot about less stress, more peace, and creating more balance and more emotional awareness…but how do we do this, and what’s the actual point? In this episode, we’re going to tell you. Well, we aren’t, our guest Kristy is!

About Kristy:

Kristy Berger Jelinek is the founder and owner of KBJ Coaching & Consulting. She has been referred to as "a bridge between knowing and doing" as she energetically holds space for others so they may see themselves in a new and different way. Kristy is a soul speaker who brings a new form of acceptance and understanding to make what feels impossible possible.

Kristy's own journey began from a state of stress and overwhelm bringing her to a life coach who helped her discover how to manage her thoughts and emotions. Through simple tools and actions (and a lot of intentional work) she has walked one step at a time from less stress to more peace.

Today, she supports others through one-on-one coaching and leads teams through stress & burnout workshops connecting them to their own self-awareness so they may begin creating the changes they want in their lives. A self-declared student of life, Kristy's curiosity is a gift that creates a magical way of making those around her feel comfortable and safe.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why not all who wander are lost

  • Why willpower may not actually be what you’re lacking if you’re struggling to change

  • Why framing change or a new life phase as “recalibration” can be so helpful.

  • Why boundaries are important

  • Steps to creating a better response to stress

Links + Resources Mentioned:

Dr. Joe Dispenza:

Kristy's Website:

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