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Ep. 95 Changemaking in Small Towns

Today, Rebecca is back with another solo episode--not because we can’t find enough rad people doing rad things, but because of one of her own close-held “truthiest truths,” which is that one of the best ways to support one another is to share the best of what we’re learning and ideally, in as close to real-time as humanly possible.

She’s also here to share with us some advice she learned in therapy—something she believes in so fiercely—so we can get better, too. And for free, YAY!

We’re actually going to share two episodes of content today: the first is the one Rebecca wrote shortly after the situation happened and the second is the one Rebecca decided to share after she’d also talked to her therapist about it.

The first is pretty good, but boy oh boy, is the second one better!

In this episode, we cover:

  • The game of life is truly about people: learning how to read, relate to, connect with, influence, and work with others.

  • A situation that prompted a big reaction…

  • Rebecca’s first take on the situation

  • Her therapist’s take

  • And the change-making framework that Rebecca’s therapist shared that she is now sharing with us.

A little cryptic, maybe, but you’ll just have to listen!

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