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Ep. 91 - Workforce Development Ideas for Small Town Businesses with Rikka Brandon

Today’s guest is Rikka Brandon. She's a recruiting expert, boundaries-pusher, entrepreneur, author, results gal, and all-around fun person. She joins us today to talk about recruiting and workforce development and why that isn’t a concept that’s limited to large or urban businesses—small-town businesses benefit from a recruiting strategy too!

About Rikka:

Rikka Brandon is a serial entrepreneur, recruiter, author, and speaker. She is the founder of Recruit Retain Rock and Building Gurus, and the creator of popular programs like Recruit Retain Rock and Hire Power Live. Rikka’s the go-to girl for growth-minded entrepreneurs and forward-thinking business leaders. She’s spent her career helping companies find, hire, and retain the talent they need to achieve their goals. Her clients have ranged from small businesses to the Fortune 100. She’s now sharing the secrets and strategies anyone can use to attract, find, and engage top talent for their business.

Rikka is focused on results, she talks fast, cracks jokes, and really believes growing your business should be fun. It’s this energy and enthusiasm that has made the national media and business world take notice. Rikka’s been featured numerous times on Fast Company, Huffington Post, American Express’s Open Forum, the NFIB and CBS.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Rethinking your approach—you may not have it wrong, but a shift in your thinking might work wonders!

  • Why retention starts at recruiting

  • Scarcity—it’s real! Finding/keeping good people is really hard, and you shouldn’t hire people just because they can “fog a mirror”

  • The importance of defining your culture and how this allows you to recruit for quality over quantity

  • Considering what a career path could look like in your business for rural business owners

Links + Resources Mentioned:

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