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Ep. 88 Building Social Capital in Small Towns

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

This week Rebecca is sharing her top ideas for better handling the people side of change management—something that she’s dealt with head-on over the past year while building Growing Small Towns. She talks about personal growth, the discomfort that comes with that growth, and the critical importance of building and leveraging the social capital in your community or company as you seek to build consensus around ideas.

Key takeaway: we can get all the processes, systems, and data right, but if we don’t take the time to truly invest in social capital, our ideas will fall flat. And, the time required to build commitment and buy-in can be tremendous, but that time will pay off in spades when Launch Day arrives.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The benefit of asking more questions

  • Allowing your own beliefs/positions to be challenged

  • Pleasing other people: even though you can’t please everyone (like, EVER!), you can make a point to try to listen to as many perspectives as possible.

  • Controlling what you can (hint: people do not fall into this category)

  • Why data doesn’t matter if people aren’t engaged

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