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Ep. 84 Meet the Maker: Amanda Hagen

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

We are so excited to share our first Meet the Maker episode with you! Meet the Maker is all about highlighting small-town artists and makers who enrich our communities and make them more beautiful. This episode features Amanda Hagen, an artist that we are so excited to be working with for the Growing Small Towns building. Amanda is an architect by trade who leaned way in to her lifelong love of painting during the pandemic and eventually started Heartstrings Art Studio. This is the coolest story full of God winks and kindness and community and really leaning in to what you love.

About Amanda:

Amanda Hagen was born and raised in small-town rural Mantador, North Dakota. She and her husband and son reside in rural Leonard, ND. Amanda’s work encompasses Acrylic, Pastel, Watercolor, and Mixed Media painting – with a focus on rural and North Dakota-inspired pieces. Amanda is an Architect by trade, practicing full time as a Partner with Shultz + Associates Architects in Fargo where she has been employed for the past 9 years. She dedicates free time to her Art Practice on evenings and weekends, with hopes to raise awareness of the value and importance of creative outlets.

Practicing art as a hobbyist for years, Amanda felt something tug at her heart while sheltering in place early during the 2020 Pandemic. This led to a renewed focus on painting and creative work. With no formal Art education, Amanda furthered her knowledge of various painting techniques through online workshops by Artists whose work she was inspired by. These include professional pastelists Marla Baggetta and Bethany Fields. Amanda additionally reached out to a local Artist, Barbara Benda Nagle (Moorhead, MN) for insight into the Art profession early into her art journey. As a generous mentor and encouraging friend, Barbara has been instrumental to Amanda’s development as an Artist. You can visit her online shop here:

In 2020, Amanda founded Heartstrings Art Studio to begin sharing her work and connection with others. Heartstrings Art Studio’s Grand Opening Event is scheduled for May 15, 2021, at the Memorial Building in Kindred, North Dakota. You can find stay up to date on the latest Heartstrings news by visiting and following our Instagram and Facebook pages.

“I believe each person is blessed with valuable, unique gifts. My hope is to inspire others to pursue their passions, share their gifts, and in so doing elevate the communities in which we live.” - Amanda

What Amanda Makes:

Heartstrings Art Studio was founded in 2020 with the mission of making happy art for happy hearts. Amanda creates rural-inspired fine art that brings joy and shines a spotlight on small-town life.

Support Amanda's Work:

Heartstrings Art Studio Website:

Heartstrings Art Studio on Facebook:

Heartstrings Art Studio on Instagram:

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