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Ep. 82 Crossover Episode Part Deux with Brodie and Carly of The Rural Revolution

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

We’re back with Brodie and Carly of the Rural Revolution Podcast for a general life and status update! If you missed the first episode with Brodie and Carly, you can find it here.

About Carly and Brodie:

Carly Pochop, co-owner of The Market on the Plaza has run Colorful Creations in Aberdeen since 2015. She went to school for Art Education and after 2 years of teaching quickly realized there was a gap in the community for students needing more outside school creative outlets. She has learned how to wear many hats and grow her business to a profitable sustainable creative outlet for northeastern South Dakota. She has since moved downtown two years ago and has since found a love for growing downtown. After being involved within the Aberdeen Downtown Association, Business Improvement District, The Parking Board, and 1 Million Cups Aberdeen, she quickly realized there was a gap in the community once more for locally made Aberdeen-inspired swag and gifts.

Brodie Mueller, co-owner of Market on the Plaza, has lived in Aberdeen for the past 8 years and owns the downtown business Dakota Territory Brewing Company. Dakota Territory is the first and oldest brewery ever in Aberdeen and services the community by creating small-batch craft beer, root beer, and cold brew coffee. Brodie has a Masters Degree in social work and has been involved in community building both downtown and city-wide through different groups and projects. The brewery is involved with various community projects and fundraisers throughout the year, gaining a reputation as a business that supports the community. As a fellow downtown business owner, Brodie is committed to making downtown better by supporting new ventures and The Market on the Plaza is a shining example of bringing new and innovative services to the neighborhood.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How to move forward as people post-pandemic

  • The value of third places and what the future of placemaking might look like

  • The challenges that no one wants to talk about for entrepreneurs and small business owners

  • How art in its purest form can help with healing

  • The value of finding and nurturing “your people.”

Links and Resources Mentioned:

Dakota Territory Brewing Company on Facebook:

Colorful Creations Art Studio website:

The Market on the Plaza website:

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