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Ep. 80 Starting a Small-Town Conference

Our local law enforcement agencies are the backbones of our small towns and unless we’re part of that world, we often don’t stop to think about the impact on these professionals dealing with people in our communities when they’re at their worst.

Today’s guest, Melinda Padilla Lynch, is part of that world and in fact, in her role as an Administrative Assistant to a local police department, she’s an integral part of making everything run smoothly.

When she was feeling like she could use more connection, support, training, and education to help her be more successful (and handle the stress more effectively) she started looking to see what was available to her in North Dakota, the state where she works.

Finding next to nothing, she started to think about what it might look like to start a conference for this important group of people, and she joins us today to share how she did just that.

About Melinda:

Melinda Padilla Lynch is a coffee-loving, problem-solving, obstacle course race junkie. But her true passion is organizing networking events to connect women to their dreams and goals. Melinda has worked for the Bowman Police Department as an Administrative Assistant since 2016. She has over 20 years of experience in some role of office management, event planning, and/or administration. Over the years, she has gained experience leading mission teams to other countries, developing mentor programs, and event planning.

Melinda is proud to develop and facilitate a one-of-a-kind conference geared towards Administrative Support employees. With her experience and passion for networking, she found her role and need for training and support for Law Enforcement Administrative Support employees in ND, MT, SD, WY.

Melinda was born and raised in Kansas City, KS- KCK. She and her husband decided to move to Bowman, ND in 2011. They now have 2 crazy, very active little boys. They own a small remodel construction company. When she is not home controlling the chaos, you will find her in the gym, continuing her weight loss journey and running in a muddy obstacle race.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Several of the challenges transplants feel when moving to our small communities

  • How to create something brand new in a community

  • The value of connection with other people like you

  • Things local people say to newcomers that might not be the most welcoming

  • What the “Six degrees of North Dakota” game is and how it impacts newcomers

Links and Resources Mentioned:

For more information about the Law Enforcement Administrative Support conference being held October 20-21, 2021, contact Melinda directly at the Bowman Police Department at 701-523-5672 or

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