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Ep. 78: Pursuing Personal Growth in a Small Town

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Our guests on today’s show are a pair we lovingly deemed “Ord, Nebraska’s power couple” but not because of their affluence and important names or titles, but because of their hearts, their mindfulness, and the way they live their lives with complete intention.

Together, they run a construction company and a busy household and they join us on the show to talk about the impact a focus on personal development and growth has had on their lives. Talking about topics like a growth mindset, limiting beliefs, and choosing your highest intention are not things that are often discussed on Main Street in small towns. After hearing this episode, you might feel like maybe they should be.

About Tanner and Jeana:

Tanner and Jeana Hackel love being a transformative, small giant construction company. As owners of Hackel Construction, they use the Design-Build approach to collaborate and innovate successful construction projects, especially in rural communities.

One rewarding aspect of their company is talent development and acquisition. At Hackel Construction, they invest in their employees’ success through a program called Synovation Valley Leadership, which is a mastermind for personal and professional transformation. Tanner and Jeana believe they have exceptional talent who align with their mission for quality, efficiency, and budget, so when they add to their team, they look for those with technical skills as well as a growth mindset.

Working in the construction industry means navigating changes, challenges, and processes to create that tangible needed end product. It’s inspiring to be a part of that whole process and have fun doing it! Creating an emotionally intelligent team means they utilize and inspire efficacy, trust, and potential in their team and lead each project with intrinsic motivation to build strong customer relationships and successes. They see each day as an opportunity to learn new things, grow in maturity and share the God-given talents that they possess with family, friends, clients, and their community.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What energy has to do with it

  • What’s a “program” and how do we uncover our own

  • How we can choose a different set of beliefs to move us forward

  • How our families of origins and upbringing can impact the way we view the world

  • How to “make the unhelpful, helpful”

Links and Resources Mentioned:

Synovation Valley Leadership:

Hackel Construction:

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