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Ep. 77: The Mission-Driven Small Business

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

When people start businesses, they usually get the most freaked out about all the decisions and details that the process entails. Finding the right suppliers and vendors, creating a marketing plan, and figuring out who to hire—these are the things we spend most of our time considering.

Today’s guest, Pam Burch, founder of The Peacock Mercantile in Hettinger, ND, didn’t approach it this way. Instead, Pam spent the time it takes to really define and clarify her mission for starting her business. It’s common for people to mistake mission/vision/value statements as fluffy, touchy-feely, non-critical things. Pam is proving how a clear, grounded mission statement makes all those other decisions easier and in this episode, she shares why.

About Pam:

Pamela was raised in rural Mott, ND and has a passion to bring her love for gourmet coffee in an upscale, positive environment to Hettinger. Pamela has worked in the travel industry for the last 20 years and has owned her own travel agency since 2003. While working for Rosenbluth International, Pamela worked her way up through servicing travel clients like Bank of America and Oracle Corporation to be the Quality Assurance Manager for Her duties included managing a team of agents who monitored phone calls for accuracy and to find out what was driving the calls. Pamela was then responsible for changing policies and/or procedures to ultimately eliminate the drive of those calls. Years ago, she was a food court manager for Buttrey’s grocery store, which included managing day to day operations for the sub sandwich bar, fried chicken and espresso bar. Exceptional customer service and an entrepreneurial spirit have driven her to success in every new niche market she has ventured into.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How to turn naysayers into fans

  • The role vulnerability plays in being a business owner

  • The power of the tourist for local businesses

  • How to be intentional about your mission without forcing it

  • Why it matters to let your customers be a part of your business

Links and Resources Mentioned:

The Peacock Mercantile website:

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