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Ep. 136 Dreams + Divine Timing with LeAnn Moen

Some of our favorite kinds of stories are the ones that feature people with a dream in their hearts to do something amazing in their small towns who then go ahead and get it done. This episode is about a dream, a restaurant, and the woman who made it happen. 

About LeAnn:

LeAnn Moen always wanted to own her own restaurant, but between raising children and being active on the family's farm, the timing was never quite right. Once her children were grown, though, she knew it was time. She started looking for spaces in her small town of Twin Valley, Minnesota that could accommodate the picture she had in her head, and finally, the stars aligned, and the perfect space became available. After more than a year of renovations, LeAnn's dream became a reality last December with the opening of The Grove. The Grove is more than a restaurant--it's also a bakery, a cafe, and a gathering place for her community that has quickly become the vibrant local hub she's always dreamed of. 

In this episode, we cover:

  • The vision LeAnn had for a business in her small town

  • How that vision became The Grove

  • Why, when things fall through, it can actually be a good thing

  • Why sharing your vision with employees is so important

  • What has surprised her in the first few months of running the business

Links + Resources Mentioned:

The Grove website:

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