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Ep. 116 Virtual Assisting in Small Towns

This week’s episode is a special sort of follow-up to last week’s episode about remote work in our small towns, and it’s special because it’s featuring a member of the Growing Small Towns team! Cassidy has been with Rebecca and Growing Small Towns for four years as a remote virtual assistant, and this episode takes our listeners through the whole story and how being a virtual assistant opened the door for so many other things.

About Cassidy:

Cassidy(butcall her Cass) is a wife, mother, first-generation rancher, communicator, and yes—virtual assistant! She lives on a large cattle operation in Colorado with her husband and three boys. Because the life of a working cowboy and his family often involves a lot of moving, at least in the early years, after the birth of her second son Cassidy set out to build a business that would go with her wherever life took them, and virtual assisting was her first remote gig, and Rebecca was her first client! Since then, her business has grown to more VA clients and more recently has evolved into agriculture consulting, communications, and speaking.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How Rebecca and Cass even got introduced (thanks, internet!)

  • What a virtual assistant does (and why you might need one)

  • How to have a successful relationship with a VA or remote employee

  • What being a virtual employee can do for small-town residents

  • How to find your own virtual gig or hire someone virtually

  • How weird it is for Cass to be writing all of these posts about herself in third person (kidding, but also accurate and delightfully silly.)

Links + Resources Mentioned:

Cassidy’s LinkedIn (her most active online home):

Cassidy’s Website:

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