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Ep. 114 Reframing Either/Or Mentalities in Small Towns

If you have listened to our show for any length of time or follow us on social media, you know that here at Growing Small Towns the traditional approach to economic growth just doesn’t get us real excited. While it’s great if a big business does want to come to your town and build an office or something, we like to think outside that particular box. What we like to focus on is how our communities feel and make others feel, and what kinds of mentalities are holding us back from realizing our full potential, both as individual humans and as small-town communities. This episode is all about those feelings and mentalities and it all shows up in practice.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Two big feelings we at GST like to generate: juicy connection, and brain/heart swell

  • Why we as humans love an either/or, black-and-white scenario, and why those scenarios aren’t the most productive

  • Three of Those Scenarios:

    • Audacity OR pragmatism

    • Love/Acceptance of What IS OR Desire to Make it Better

    • We’re the Most Unique-ist OR We’re Just Like Everyone Else

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