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Ep. 111 6 Things to Try in 2023

Happy New Year! We’re so excited to be back, although we’re not quite sure how we got here because whew the end of 2022 flew by.

Because we’re more mindset folks than resolution folks around these parts, this episode is all about things to try this year for all of you small-town changemakers that are more shifts and tweaks than resolutions. When we have a new goal or are ready to embark on a new journey, we need to make sure we’re starting with sustainability in mind, meaning that we aren’t setting ourselves too many new things or habits and that the processes we are using are going to be helpful, buildable, and conducive to long-term success vs. failure.

We think of these things in two broad categories:

  1. Subtle mindset shifts

  2. Simple process tweaks

Subtle mindset shifts for 2023:

  • Prioritize your joy

  • Don’t take things personally

  • Show yourself radical compassion

Simple Process Tweaks for 2023:

  • Take your holiday cards and each week (pick a day that works for you), choose 3 and send them a note of appreciation for their role in your life.

  • Schedule time to improve the area of your life that’s holding you back the most.

  • ChatGPT - embrace AI for good

Links Mentioned:

Jordan Peterson’s ChatGPT Query video:

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