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Ep. 107 Creative Community Development

Melissa Nelson is a woman after our own hearts here at Growing Small Towns. She is a lifelong small-town girl and rural champion who uses her love of agriculture, community development, and creativity to inspire ways to get involved in small towns.

About Melissa:

Melissa Nelson is a Nebraska farm and cattle gal who transplanted to Northwest Iowa after college to build an agricultural education non-profit and marry an Iowa farm boy. Her farm background and creative, entrepreneurial spirit allow her to put a unique spin on everyday items in her small business, Hungry Canyon. Melissa assisted in the foundation of the non-profit, Siouxland Agriculture in the Classroom and served as Director of the organization from 2013-2018. In 2018, she began serving as Externship Coordinator for the Applied Agricultural and Food Studies Department at Morningside University. Melissa and her husband Mark have two boys--Roy and Charlie-- seventh generation farm kids and lovers of tractors and cows. They live on a farm near Correctionville, Iowa.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How passion can inform how we get involved in our small communities

  • Amazing ideas for small-town events

  • Fostering the next generation of small-town champions

  • How a simple idea can be the catalyst for a small business

  • How to get involved when you’re new in town

Links + Resources Mentioned:

The Hungry Canyon Website:

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