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Ep. 105 Storytelling for Small Towns (Part 1)

Storytelling is kind of having a moment: everywhere we go, we hear about “sharing your story.” The thing is that it’s really excellent advice—when it’s done well. This is part one of a two-part series all about why storytelling is so important for small towns, and why you should care.

About Phil:

Phil Eich is the founder of Storyville, an agency born in Saginaw dedicated to telling the stories of our cities to cultivate community pride, support small businesses, and attract and retain talent and investment. Through interviews, writing, photography, videography, and podcasting, Storyville's human-centered approach to civic marketing shines a light on communities across the country and their greatest strengths: their people.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The meaning and power behind real storytelling

  • The principle that makes successful storytelling work

  • How warmth and competence are both necessary elements of trust

  • How to convince people that storytelling is impactful, worthwhile, and has a place for small towns

  • How storytelling can help provide the foundation for everything our small towns need to thrive

Links + Resources Mentioned:

The Storyville Website:

Storyville Newsletter:

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