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Ep. 101 Holding the Vision

Rebecca is solocasting about the mental and emotional side of the work she and so many of our listeners do. This episode is about knowing yourself and how you think, how to relate to other people who may think differently than you, and how to experience new things to help you learn and grow.

Tips for holding the vision, even when others won't/can't:

  1. No story, no problem! Listen to the ep to hear more about what this means :)

  2. Along the same line, assume good intent.

  3. Recognize the immense difference between a strong preference for sensing v. intuition.

  4. “It’s hard for us to imagine something we’ve never experienced.”

  5. Know thyself. Personality tests can be so helpful here!

Links Mentioned:

A Free MBTI:

A Note to Our Listeners:

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So if you know a great person to bring on the show, shoot me a text at We just want to continue to elevate the great work being done in pockets of rural places all over the country.

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