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Ep. 96 The New Education Frontier and What it Means for Small Towns

This episode is all about education—where we are, where we’re going, and how to get there. Education is foundational to any place but especially to small towns, not only for our small-town schools but because learning and education is lifelong, something we carry with us, and is how we find and create opportunity at every stage of life.

About Scott:

Scott Meyer (@MrScottMeyer) is an entrepreneur and former professor working to scale and democratize education.

His experience founding the digital marketing agency 9 Clouds and launch an entrepreneurship center and accelerated learning program in higher education sparked his interest in combining education and web3 - what he calls ed3. He recently launched - a consultancy working to scale education. Subscribe to learn more (

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why and how we should rethink the skills we teach and learn

  • Why school should be “K to Gray” instead of a hard stop post-college

  • Portfolio-building v. credential-chasing

  • College degrees and higher education institutions

  • Barriers to learning and how to tackle them

Links + Resources Mentioned:

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